Sheila Finkelstein

Although I’ve had this domain registered for a few years, I’d not yet developed the site.  Recently after seeing the movie The Samuel Project, I was reminded of the importance of preserving and sharing our legacies. Supporting people in EASILY telling their stories is where my passion lies. It’s time for me to honor that, giving you the opportunity to honor yours.

Several years ago I launched Technology for Seniors Made Easy. A mentor of mine suggested I work with seniors and technology. It was missing the sound of my late husband’s voice that had me move forward in this business. Prior to that time I had been recording teleseminars and much more for several years. It simply never occurred to me to interview my husband or ask him to record.

With our SmartPhones so readily available, today, it is so much easier than it was 12 to 15 years ago to audio and/or video record.  Watch this page for details and/or contact me, Sheila Finkelstein, at Sheila.OurUntoldStories [at] gmail.com to learn more about recording memories, preserving your legacy, sharing with your loved ones… You can do it yourself, or get support.

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