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If you are looking for some additional suggested questions you might ask, check back on this page on Tuesday, November 20th, or email Sheila (Link below) with the request and you will get the list as soon as it is ready.

Following are some the happenings that offer opportunities for recording and sharing personal and family stories. One of my biggest regrets is that I never thought to ask my beloved Sam specific questions and record the answers.  Not only did I not have the sound of his voice, I have none of his stories/legacy to pass on.  

In addition to recording for memories, I invite to to audio and video record for the fun of it.

Creating stories –
     Fiction or non-fiction for grandchildren

     Teaching/sharing some of your specialties

Family Occasions – Holidays, birthdays, weddings and…. For people who are present and for those who could not be there.
Family History
     Telling your own story
     Interviewing important people in your life who can’t record themselves
          Example: My brother-in-law Dan was scheduled for a    surgery the
 doctors were giving him a 25% chance of survival.  On a visit with him (I flew in from Florida to Philadelphia) and a couple of days before surgery, I did short audio recordings…
       “What did he most appreciate about… (and went down the list of each of his children and grandchildren)…separate recordings for each one given only to that family member… up to them to share with others if they wished.
      “What were some of his memories of highlights of his life.”

I recommend individual recordings for each story.
If you have any questions, please email me at:
sheila.ouruntoldstories [at]
 I’d also be happy to book a complimentary exploratory session with you to answer your questions.

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